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Wildlife and your garden

Wildlife and your garden

Wildlife and your garden

Stop wildlife damaging your fruit tree and stealing your fruit.

Unfortunately, like us, wildlife love feasting on a range of fruit fresh from the tree too! They love stone fruit, apples and citrus alike.

Depending on the animal (possums, mice, birds, wallabies, rabbits, flying foxes) eating your fruit there are a few ways to prevent pesky fruit stealers! Read our brief guide to fruit tree pest control methods to keep your citrus, stone and apple trees pest free!

Physical barriers can be used to deter pests from your fruit tree

To deter digging animals, plant wire around the tree and dig it in about 30 centimetres into the ground. Small mesh may be used for mice. A removable metal collar placed around the trunk can also be used as a deterrent to keep your tree pest free.

Flying/climbing animals need taller deterrents such as netting. However, think carefully before erecting netting as you don’t want to injure or kill the local wildlife. Choose a white netting with small white mesh. Avoid thin nylon netting as it can be pulled out of shape and wound or kill wildlife.

Ensure that the net is kept taut, this can be done by building a box shaped or even a tee-pee frame around the tree - the more places that the netting is held in place, the more even the tension will be. Don’t forget to make a spot to allow access to your fruit!

A simple way to protect your fruit is just to cover the individual pieces of fruit in paper bags while the fruits ripen.

Companion planting is a great way to manage pests

Plants like lavender and rosemary can deter pests due to the scent they emit. Talking preventive scents, you can even try applying seaweed spray, dog'n'bone or even a simple home-made garlic spray. Planning your edible garden is fun and you'll find there are lots of benefits! Read our guide to planning your edible garden here, and let us know if you have any questions.

We love your feedback and gardening ideas

Have you found a handy method to keep the pests away from your trees? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to tag us on social media with the hashtag #myfruitsaladtree. 


As your tree grows

Remove the rootstock (anything that’s not a fruit graft), balance your tree and remember to thin the first fruit

Happy Harvesting!


We love seeing your Fruit Salad Tree grow. Feel free to share your growing pics with us by using #myfruitsaladtree on facebook on instagram if you have a  public profile. Otherwise direct message us your photos. You can also ask us more detailed questions and our nursery staff can give you advice. Follow us on facebook and instagram today for more tips, tricks and specials.

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Our fast fruiting trees can be grown in the ground, or in pots on your balcony. For more information on growing your tree in a pot, read our detailed guide here. For information on planting your Fruit Salad Tree read our step by step guide here, and for planting your tree in clay soil, watch Sue's informative video in our article on planting in clay soil here.

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