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about us

A note from our Founders


Raj & Siddhi comes from “The Himalayas,” the region that inspired us to build an Organic company. Visiting Small Farmers and Fruit Orchard estates, we were keen to build a company that respects these communities and addresses the environmental challenges we face through agriculture and horticulture.

In the Northen Indian state of Himachal.  a community famous for producing Organic Products Directly From Farms and Orchards To Your Doorstep. sits amidst the Himalayas. Here, time unravels more slowly. 

These are the bounties of nature, cultivated by women, resulting in the highest quality Organic herbs. Women are the backbone of agriculture in so many of these communities, 

Thanks for coming along on our journey,

Raj Sharma and Siddhi Sharma
Founders, NoG vALLY fARM

about us

NOG comes from “Himalayan Valley,” the region that inspired us to build a organic COMPANY


In today’s day and age of health-conscious food trends and the importance given to organically grown produce, we at NOG strive to ensure that such organic, wholesome and nutritional products are made available to you. NOG was founded in 2020, based in SHIMLA IN, and is run by a team of passionate individuals whose purpose is to promote good health and happiness

about us
about us

Our organic products can also be used for making Ayurvedic medicines or recipes

Superb quality products originated from HIMACHAL  and neighbouring Himalayan regions. We're currently working with 100+ farmers to provide you with top. We're currently working with 100+ farmers to offer you top. quality healthy and fresh organic food. Every grain in your plate will be straight from our hands to yours. This is because each process in our production, supply and distribution chain, from sowing to harvesting to cleaning to packaging, is manually performed by hand by local rural community members. When you choose us, you empower the entire Pahadi Farm community.

We exist because of the knowledge and skills of local communities

We specialise in producing and promoting natural, wholesome and healthy food products that are free from harmful toxins, fertilisers and chemicals. All our products are sourced and made in India and we even strive for the betterment of the local communities and tribes involved in the procurement and manufacture of the products. we are very conscious about preserving and saving the very environment that sustains us. We promise you Purity. Every product is tested for purity in accredited laboratories and we are committed to delving deeper into our raw material research to meet international quality and scientific standards. We are committed to fair pricing

Our work is inspired by the simplicity and stillness of the village life and guided by principles of Regenerative Agriculture. While securing Rural livelihoods and employment, we harness the power of the Community to offer solutions to Public Health and Climate Change. We belong to the ethereal symbol of purity, the Himalayas. We are nothing but goodness. Our journey of “peaks-to-packs” is a conscious one. Each of our products is a deliberate creation and a commitment to quality.

Our Packaging: Plastic-free

Our goal is to be a zero-waste company -- one that uses packaging that does the least amount of harm to the environment. We offer loose-leaf teas because most tea bags are single-use, made with plastic and nylon-based fibres, and contribute to our massive waste problem. We are also proud to use fully compostable and plastic-free packaging, complete with a bio-based zipper closure, 

As we operate from Himachal Pradesh, 

we're trying to connect you to the north Indian culture. We bring you the traditional handicrafts and much more. We at NOG bring you food grown completely naturally and sustainably by small individual farmers in the Himalayan states. You will fall in love with our products not only for their rich and wholesome taste but also for their immense nutritional value.


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