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Training your Fruit Salad Tree

Training your Fruit Salad Tree

Training your Fruit Salad Tree

Branches of young Fruit Salad Trees can be gently persuaded to grow in any direction. You can guide them using bamboo stakes (or similar) and cloth strip ties made of old T-shirts. This technique may be useful for training Fruit Salad Trees against walls/structures (espalier) or directing individual grafts.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes the grafts (branches) of Fruit Salad Trees grow along the one side of the rootstock or Mother Tree. Such trees can be gently nudged to grow in a desired direction by:

  1. Manoeuvring branches away from one another by staking and tying. Young branches are very flexible, however, if the desired position requires a dramatic change in branch direction, training should be done gradually. This may mean moving the stake and ties every few weeks until branches are where you want them.
  2. Planting the tree so that the main stem is on an angle - i.e. the rootball is on an angle). This can improve branch positioning in relation to a slope when planted or improve the look of your tree. It may look odd at first – but your tree will adapt to the new position and put on new growth in a more desired direction.

fruit salad tree planting

It's easier than it looks!

Happy harvesting!


Here at Fruit Salad Trees, we stock a wide range of Fruit Salad Trees, which all boast different fruit on the same tree. Each fruit variety retains its own flavour, appearance and ripening time. We graft citrus, stonefruit and multi-apple trees. 

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